Valentina Myrrh Assoluto, coming out in 2016, is based on principles of luxury, opulence, refinement and elegance. Myrrh Assoluto, an ode to Myrrh, joins Rosa Assoluto and Oud Assoluto in the Valentina Assoluto Collection.
Perfumers Olivier Cresp and Hamid Merati-Kasha developed the composition with Indian jasmine, myrrh, leather vanilla, ylang and musk.
The elliptical bottle wears a couture rose, colored in elegant grey. A golden neck topped by a black pearl stopper suggests the contents are steeped in luxury. This fragrance is available in 80 ml. Valentina Myrrh Assoluto was created by Olivier Cresp and Hamid Merati-Kashani.