etro_logoEtro is an Italian fashion house and manufacturer of fabrics, accessories, leather goods, clothes and fragrances. It was founded in 1968 by Gimmo Etro, and it is still the family business.

Fragrances, colours, thoughts and Etro’s perfumes filtered into a picture book like a recipe album. A novel idea to remind us that just as the cooking of food was the first sign of civilisation, perfumes – the refined transformation of the aromatic notes that surround us – are another sublime sign of civilisation. Perhaps its most mysterious and exciting because impalpable, ephimeral, invisible.

Which adds even more intrigue and allure to Etro’s book as it stimulates our sight to talk about olfaction. Enticing our eyes to tickle our nostrils, using colour to spark the desire for a perfume, juxtaposing texts and images to play with our imagination. Each chapter takes its cue from the rules of colour therapy to talk about a group of fragrances no longer divided into olfactive families, but linked to the suggestive hues of a colour.

The certainty of white, the zest of yellow, the happiness of green, the enthusiasm of orange. And of course the passion of red, the intuition of indigo, the languour of blue, the naturalness of green. Like the alchemist’s most treasured volume, each page explores the colour syntax before telling us the story and giving us the magic formula of each of the 22 Etro fragrances. Among which we discover Pegaso, the label’s new “recipe”, a blend of lime and bergamot with a dash of neroli, a sprinkling of cedarwood, a drop or two of benzoin and rockrose and as much basil, pepper and iris as you want. Almost a poem that speaks to our soul, bringing us an echo of ancient passions but also promising us a future tinged with emotions.

And looking to the future, Etro has redesigned the entire line of packaging, choosing a more modern graphic look, highlighted by paisley motifs in optical black and white shot with purple details to match the spirit of both the times and the Etro brand. An era with an insatiable hunger for feelings, sublimated by fragrances that we can now carry with us in the new smaller 50ml bottles, a special food for the senses to accompany us everywhere.