Nicolai Kiss Me Intense EDP 1.5ml Vial

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A love story for this subtle heliotrope. A soft veil for a distinguished and opulent orange flower, ylang absolute, bitter almond and drops of anise which give this fragrance a sensual and smooth vibration. Heliotrope is the most enchanting of perfumes, both intense, sweet and mysterious. It is one of those flowers whose essence cannot be extracted. Like lily of the valley, lilac, violet or gardenia, it retains its perfume jealously and gives it up only to those who go near. And in the right conditions (the time of day, rate of humidity, temperature, stage of flowering, etc), you will discover a scent that takes you from vanilla to aniseed, via almonds and freshly-cut hay: truly an olfactory journey.

Kiss Me Intense Notes
Heliotrope, vanilla, aniseed, almond, fresh cut hay.

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